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Monster Energy: Nyjah Unfiltered at X

If you’re a Skater you’re a fan. When something like Skateboarding rules your world, you’re a fan. Whether it be defining style and innovation like Mark Gonzales, pure determination and vision like Danny Way or one of the biggest bags of tricks and more gnarly Street NBD’s than anybody like Nyjah Huston, we all enjoy taking a look into our favorites Skaters lives and minds. Nyjah Huston has been at the top of the competition game since he was a child, collecting piles of wins and medals. X Games is kind of like the Action Sports Olympics and love it or hate it all the big dudes have to make an appearance and do their thing. Check out Nyjah’s Unfiltered look at X Games Austin 2016.

For more on X Games head over to http://xgames.espn.go.com/xgames/

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