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Colby Raha: BEING | X Games

Dubbed “The Golden Child” at a young age, Colby Raha was raised on two wheels. From BMX riding to motocross racing, the Raha family pushed for Colby to achieve professional supercross status. But Colby Raha burned out from racing at age 15 and started exploring the freestyle aspect of both BMX and motocross.

The road wasn’t paved with immediate success though. Through the ups and downs of learning to live life outside the boundaries of race life, Colby Raha stumbled. But he got back up, dusted himself off and got back on the bike. Channeling his aggression into freeriding, Colby Raha is now one of the most respected freestyle motocross riders in the world.

And he’s done it all on his own terms. This is Being Colby Raha.


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