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JACKO STRONG: It’s Gonna Keep Progressing | X GAMES PODCAST

By now, you’ve probably seen Jacko Strong’s epic #RealMoto part, which earned him a bronze medal and the fan favorite award in Real Moto 2020. What you haven’t seen is Jacko at home, relaxing and getting real about quarantine, not traveling in 2020 and the intricacies of double flipping a dirt hit. This is an in-depth look at the life of Jackson Strong when he’s not full throttle on another moto project.

Disclaimer: This was filmed before Jacko’s #RealMoto part was released, hence the future tense discussion about Real Moto.

0:33 Jackson Strong Introduction
1:25 Jackson Strong’s quarantine
2:32 Hot Box questions
7:56 How is Jacko passing the time?
9:11 Does Jacko get scared?
10:13 Jacko playing with fire
11:07 Talking about the production of Jacko’s Real Moto part
13:43 The future of freestyle moto X
15:36 Rinaldo’s varial backflip at X Games Minneapolis 2019
16:45 Where is Jacko?
17:25 Crusty’s influence
19:30 Favorite moment in your X Games career
21:03 X Games Austin’s injury
25:18 Coming back form injury
26:45 Community of riders in freestyle moto X
29:12 Colby v Hodges rivalry
30:54 Deegan v Pastrana rivalry
33:00 Working on new tricks
33:58 Netflix recommendations
35:20 Jacko’s facility
37:13 Riders checking out the new facility
38:27 Jacko’s mentorship
39:49 Skip the Kangaroo

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