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Stopping Power: Which Brake Setup Is Right For You?

You can only go as fast as you can slow down, as the saying goes. In motocross, brakes are a dynamic system where you a battling the forces of traction, friction, heat, feel, power, and feedback, all at the same time. Unlike paved disciplines of racing, where maximum stopping power is usually the goal, motocross and supercross require a much more subtle and responsive brake system that allows the rider to have maximum control, rather than max braking power.

Since there are multiple parts to a brake system, there are multiple ways to upgrade or change a dirt bike’s brakes. Lines, rotor shapes, rotor sizes, and brake pads can all be swapped for different parts in many combinations. We decided to reach out to Galfer USA to test some of their set ups for motocross bikes on the same day, at the same track to really get an apples-to-apples comparison. This test can apply to any brand of brakes and is about different set ups more than being about specific products.
Click play as we dive deep into the details and give a full run-down on the comparison.



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